Payments Made Easy

Offer your customer multiple payment solutions from one simple platform, enable them to pay in-store or over the phone using credit card, PayPal and other integrated payment solutions your business subscribes to and receive the funds directly into your account.

Simplifying Payments for Business and Customers

With a simple SMS and QR based payment system that incorporates payment notifications, Ways2Pay provides a straightforward solution for your customers that is quick and easy to deploy, solving payment acquisitions that used to be complex or tedious.

Payments Over the Phone

Take-away restaurants and other phone order based businesses can easily send a payment request directly to the customers phone, they can then click and pay and the business is notified instantly upon successful payment capture

Request additional details

Request your customers details such as name, delivery address and a message before payment, saving transcribing the details over the phone.

Supports ApplePay and GooglePay

Supporting Credit Card payments, including ApplePay and GooglePay (where available), as well as PayPal and a number of other third party payment methods.

Customers receive payment requests via SMS or simply scan the QR code provided at the checkout. ustomers can then pay with a payment method that the Business provides through Ways2Pay.

Simple for Business

Ways2Pay has a simple interface for business, to request a payment you can simply enter the customers mobile phone number, amount owing and a reference number and submit it for payment. The customer is notified via text message or is able to scan the QR code for that transaction from the business’s device to complete the payment process.

Think of it as the final process of an online store, but for any transaction. The possibilities are endless!

one simple fee structure

Ensuring that the entire process remains simple and straightforward, the only fees you will be charged are the credit card processing fee of 1.7% + 30c per credit card transaction*.

*a 1.1% international transaction fee applies to international transactions

Simple for Customers

Payment methods are sent out via SMS text message and also available via QR code. Once the customer opens the payment link, they can complete any required information and then choose one of the payment methods that the business has made available.

The business is able to see when the customer is viewing the payment request in real-time and will be notified instantly once the payment has been submitted and confirmed by the payment provider.

The transaction takes place between the business and the customer’s account no confusing third parties when it comes to performing reconciliation or issuing refunds. And the customer receives a payment notification and receipt directly from your business too. 

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